J P Padaya


Artist J P Padaya was born at Barvala village of Saurashtra(Gujrst) in 1967. He

received Art teacher diploma in 1986 from seth C.N. college of fine Arts, Ahmedabad.

He has eight solo shows and nine group shows to his credit.

As J P Padaya was brought up amidst rustic and natural environment of Saurashtra

we naturally find in him his deep and genuine love for landscapes, streetscapes of his

native place as well as figurative works representing typically dressed,

elongated,beautifulyoung cowherd woman with her beloved goat in acrylic , oil and

water colors. J P Padaya’s refreshingly beautiful and buildings, his sense of space

organisation, realistic rendering of palias, huts, building, goats, impressionistic trees,

grass and a sense of perspective , a play of shades and light and an almost white sky.

J P Padaya’s portrayal of tall thin long necked cowherd woman with a long, thin

stick in her hand composition in many paintings are very striking and attractive. The

color composition and the dressing style with ghaghra , odhni and kapdu is vey poetic

and eye catching. The flute , ornaments , goats , and chhundana( tattoo) adds different

beauty in every painting. There is use of broad, rapid, dark and light color brush strokes

behind the figures. Though the figures are rapidly and summarily executed in a sketchy

manner, the highlighted rapid brush strokes on the body of goats and the brisk

rendering of the skin tone of the woman’s body as well as the folds of her dress and the

gracious curve of the body create an illusion of the realistic portrayal.



we can see the emotional bond of the woman for her goats, cows And she

holds lovelingly and tenderly. Mnay paintings shows Artist’s love for the music ,

for th flute. The stroke it self gives us knowledge about the mastery on acrylic

colors as well as oil and watercolor.

He wanders in the Gir jungle , an see the beauty of the nes (hut in the

middle of the jungle), and brave peaple who live there. He made painting of

brave cowherd woman who fought with lion for her goats and the painting is at

now international airport.

He likes design and colors of bharat(thread work) over ghaghra, kapdu, and

odhni which we can see in many of his paintings.

All the figurative compositin of J P Padaya are visually and aesthetically

interesting and satisfying. They create a pastoral atmosphere. 

Solo Exhibition
1. Amreli (Gujrat)2000
2. Amreli (Gujrat)2002
3. S.M.Art Gallery( Mumbai) 2009
4. The Oberoi (Mumbai)2010
5. Gandhi art Gallery (Delhi)2016
6. Karnavati art Gallery (Ahmedabad)
7. Ravishankar Raval Art Gallery (Ahmedabad)
Group exhibitions
1. Artist Gallery Mumbai 2006
2. Bajaj Art Gallery Mumbai 2007
3. Pyramid Art Gallery Mumbai 2007
4. Suryansh Art Gallery Delhi 2012
5. State Art Gallery Hydrabad 2013
6. Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai 2015
7. Rajpath club Ahmedabad 2017
8. Jahangir Art Gallery Mumbai
9. Gufa Art Gallery Ahmedabad 2021