Ashok Rathod

Ashok S Rathod, Born 1986, BFA ( Bachelor of Fine Arts) Sir J J Institute of Applied Art MumbaiSince childhood I was closely associated with nature and religion, Nandi means a joyous or happy person and bull is the also symbol of wealth, strength and happiness. Bull is also primary vehicle and it is the principle follower of lord Shiva, 

Nandi explain the presence of statue of Nandi at the gate of many temples dedicated to lord Shiva to understand and absorb light.

I tried to bring out ideas on paper through sketches and then flourish it took place on canvas with beautiful colours. Painting is an art as it is necessary to an artist to know the painting style, technique, material used to which it to be done and allied resoning mark that essential.

Being an Indian I had a close observation of religions in India since my childhood. Thus my paintings reflects my observation mostly influenced by Indian culture and traditions. My aim is to keep all significant figures of Indian mythology alive today through my painting. My paintings narrate small stories from Hindu mythology to its onlookers, the stories are generally painted in animals figures such as bull, cow, elephant which played significant role in bygone era

My aim is to keep the tradition and culture and animals like cow, bull, elephant and narrate a scenic beauty with the devotee when hung on wall.