Mix Media

For the longest time, artists faced restrictions and did not have full freedom to express themselves. With the introduction of mix media, artists can be more creative by using multiple media at the same time. Mixed media has more than one creative medium, that is, watercolors, coloured pencils, crayons and has more than one art medium like collage and assemblage. This type of visual art adds a new dimension to the artwork. Moreover, the possibilities of mixed media are endless.
Mixed Art started in 1912 and Picasso was the first one to utilize this form of art. In Picasso’s painting, you will see oilcloth, wood grain patterns, collage, paper, paint and a rope which gives a 3D effect. Ever since then, mixed art spread across the globe very quickly.

Drawing on top of photographs, painting the sculpture and painting on the furniture are some examples of mixed media. Layering, texturizing and weaving are a few techniques that artists use in such types of paintings. Influential movements like Cubism and Dada play a great role in the popularity of mixed media. Artists can now be experimental and won’t have any barriers while creating art. Look at some great mixed media art at Divine art online gallery and see what catches your eye.

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