Hospitality Art

Did you know that art has a lot more scientifically-proven benefits for your health? In fact, there is a deeper reason why artworks are displayed and hanged in almost every place integral to your life—your homes, your workplace, vacation spots, and hospitals. More than making you feel happy, relaxed, thinking, or calm, differently themed artworks can do wonders for your mental health and overall disposition and well-being. If you think art is used in spaces as just fillers and decorations, you might be surprised that it’s a lot more than that. In fact, many studies have proven the correlation between the impacts of artworks and their effects on productivity, relaxation, de-stressing, and even healing from health issues. Today, hotels are more than just buildings with rooms and beds; it slowly evolves into space for arts to be filled with paintings, sculptures and other artworks as décor installing art in the most unexpected of ways and challenging guests to think more deeply about their experience. Art has become fundamental, rather than ornamental, element of hotel design. Art becomes part of the package and experience a hotel offers, and to be fair, it does make sense. Since staying in a hotel may start to feel like spending the night in an art museum, travelers with a tight schedule who can’t squeeze in a day to visit local art galleries can witness the art local to that specific hotel. At the same time, guests love it when makes them think and ponder. In some reports, many guests have admitted that they enjoy art displayed in their hotel when it seems to talk to them and tell them a story. In fact, numerous studies have proven the positive effects of art—looking at it and even making it, to our brain and overall mental health.
IS YOUR HOTEL ART REALLY IMPORTANT? As the trends Art tourism and became more and more popular than ever, a debate has been brewing in the global hotel and tourism industry. Is hotel art necessary for higher revenue and better guest experience? Hotel operators, art suppliers and hotel owners each has their own piece and stand regarding the issue. Many cases can prove that today art is being used as an effective marketing strategy—not only in the hospitality sector, but also across other industries. Despite this day’s advancement in technology, one of the best and effective marketing strategies in undeniably the basic one: word of mouth. People always talk and most often than not, what they talk about sells. Hotels with interesting art displays, thought –provoking pieces and controversial works will always be talked about. Intrigue and curiosity is one method of driving people to your property’s doorstep. At the same time, magnificent, jaw dropping collections are also the talk of the town. Today, more than ever guests from all over the world are fueled by intrigue, and desire to experience as much as they can. This phenomenon is very much common to the newest breed of travelers, the millennial. A decade and a few years after the new millennium, the tourist and hospitality industry have become witness of the rise of the newest breed of tourists and travelers alike, who are slowly dominating the globetrotting population. ‘Millennial’, as they are collectively called are individuals who are described as attention- seekers, modern and those who crave for learning while they travel. It’s projected that half of the money spent in the travel sector will come out of the pockets of millennial. Indeed, in the coming years, this age group will be shaping the tourism industry over the next decade. Fortunately, one of the newest and booming trends in hospitality and tourism arts quench their thirst. When hotels with art collections are being talked about and art did its part as a marketing strategy, economic boost is next. Hospitality art builds the economy at the local level, enhances surrounding non- arts businesses and provides job opportunities and ways for individuals to participate in activities associated with the arts and cultural events. In the previous years, hotel across the world have started to adapt newest trends in the industry. Today, art is no longer merely for the pleasure of the eyes as mere decorations, but hotels now double the function of their space as collectors of artworks from all kinds of artists. The hotel industry has discovered that incorporating distinctive pieces into a property’s design can enhance the décor, feel and ambience of a hotel—regardless of its classification: luxury or budget. In fact, Art is used by luxury hotels to stand out from another. While budget or local hotels use art to showcase history and tradition. Art incorporated with tourism gives a cultural lift on every travel or trip. Ideally, hotels feature the artworks of their local artists, as away of giving them exposure and at the same time sharing the culture of their place to their visitors. From the guest’s point of view, it is very similar to getting a trip to the gallery or museum which enables them to get to know the place and the people, as well as their way of life represented by art. Hospitality Art and Art Tourism became giant trends when people travel for business more often than for leisure. Most of them spend their days and nights in a new city just to attend endless meetings and conference, boxed in their hotel and their rooms for their whole stay. The trip was not maximized, and then they realized that if people can’t afford the time to go to museums, why not bring the artwork to the busy people? Because of this, people doesn’t only view artistic hotels as aesthetic, but also as a cultural phenomenon that they can connect to and learn a few things from. Art consultants and hotelier experts alike believe that art has a key role to play in helping the new enterprise to find a distinctive voice. Art is no longer just for decoration. Today, it is a voice –a brand character and personality which can make or break a hotel’s name and branding. Indeed, it is a way of hotel to set themselves apart.

Hotel Makeover: How can Art Improve your Hotel Business

The hospitality industry is extremely competitive, especially to this day and age when hotels use various strategies to boost up their revenue and client retention. One of the biggest trends in this sector is incorporating and using art to draw guests’ attention from any point of the globe.
Hospitality art has been one of the biggest trends in the hotel market today. Most big time and luxury hotels compete in acquiring the most popular and sought-after art pieces made by art geniuses and masters. Some can even be mistaken for a gallery due to the massive number of art pieces included in their in-house art collection.
Budget hotels do it too. Many have been collaborating with local artists for them to produce art which showcases their location’s history depicted by paintings, sculptures, wall murals, and other formats, which successfully intrigue guests, as well as share them their history and brand identity.
But, according to experts, hoteliers should not stop in investing and acquiring these art pieces for marketing purposes, they must learn to update their hotel’s art as well. Today, as more and more hotels and hospitality and tourism-related businesses have been investing in art as a marketing strategy, how can hotels know how to properly showcase these artworks properly, accentuating their beauty and enhancing their effects to its viewers? How can they do it? Here are some tips: