Contemporary Art
Defining contemporary art is a tough task as it includes artworks of recent times. Since classifying this art form is not possible because of the broad styles, it is often known as “the art of today”. It is a confusing term and people often confuse it with “modern” but this is certainly not the case.

This form of art comes from a combination of concepts as well as methods and does not have a particular genre. Divine Art is an online gallery where you can explore endless contemporary art paintings. From emerging artists to famous contemporary artists, look at their artwork in Divine Art.

What is Contemporary Art?
This is an art form that makes the process of the painting more important than the result itself. Also, the audience plays a significant role in contemporary art and the painting is no more only about the artist.

Experimenting is the one concept that has become extremely popular with the introduction of this art. Since anything and everything can be art, classifying it into a category will not do justice to this art form. Contemporary art, in a way, is redefining the world by blurring the boundaries of what can and cannot be art.

When did it start?
There is not a definite timeline of when contemporary art came around. When the era of Modern art was about to end, that is around the 1970s, This art form came into existence. In simple words, artworks of artists who retired or died recently or are still alive can come under this art. Here is what made this art form popular:

Contemporary art leaves enough room for discussions, debates, and unconventional opinions. From simple topics of life and beauty to complex issues of society, this art form can depict anything.
Artists are free to express their ideas, views, feelings, and impressions without any restriction. Apart from experimentation, freedom to create art is vital. Contemporary artists can be introspective about the past and envision the future at the same time.
From paintings, photography, land art, and video art to installation art, there are several forms of contemporary art. Paintings continue to be the most prominent form of this type of art as artists find it more relevant.
This art does not follow any rules or principles which makes it fun. Explore artists who practice different styles and have a look at gorgeous paintings in Divine Art.

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