Sculptures are one of the oldest forms of visual art and they are around for centuries. These three-dimensional objects are traditionally freestanding. Since they are publically figures, every community or religion creates a sculpture to convey a message, commemorate the leaders or spread significant meanings. Moreover, there is no definite size, it can be as small as your palm and as big as a building. A great deal of effort and skill goes into making a sculpture as the entire process is hands-on. There are several types, let’s know more about them.

Relief Sculpture

These originate from the caves of Eastern Europe and are around 25,000 years old. Relief sculptures can be as simple as a carving in the wood or stone. Throughout history, these were the most popular form of them all. High relief, low relief, base relief, sunken relief, and counter relief are some further classifications for it. This kind of sculpture is kind of a modernized version.

Sculpture in the Round, this type of sculpture is three-dimensional. Viewers can see such sculptures from more than one or two angles. Museums, traditional temples, and other holy places often have sculptures that give a full 360 degrees look to the observers.

Carved sculptures are antique in the literal sense as they date back to the oldest forms of expression. Back in the day, artists carved animals, birds, and other elements of nature. Religious sculptures also became popular at this time.

Cast Sculptures

Making a cast sculpture is a difficult task as it is very time-consuming. This type of sculpting was popular in ancient times and is relevant today as well. Earlier, artists employed liquid metals to create cast sculptures but now, the availability of materials like plastic, rubber, and fiberglass makes the process a bit easy.

These sculptures are quite common these days because artists can experiment and create abstract sculptures. It gives the artists the freedom to use different materials of their choice to contribute to the overall meaning of the sculpture.

With installation, observers can see multiple figures if they view the sculpture from different angles. This type of art requires a much bigger space and usually belongs in the museum.

There are several more types of it that are popular in the modern era. These are the main form of both fine and visual art.

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