Landscape art
As the name suggests itself, landscape art refers to the art that depicts scenery and natural elements like the mountains, rivers and trees. With landscape art, the artists can portray their vision of the natural scenery in different ways. The painting can either reflect a landscape exactly taking inspiration from reality or it can be the artist’s vision of reality. Landscape paintings can be abstract as well that may or may not have a hidden spiritual meaning. Divine Art gallery has a lot of landscape art paintings that will add to the interior of your house or office.

Types of Landscape Art
Usually, this type of art form does not contain human figures or animals. The main objective of landscape art is to admire the beauty of nature. Additionally, there are several categories of landscapes like moonscapes, skyscapes, cityscapes and riverscapes.

•Representational Art
This is the most simple yet elegant form of landscape art. With simple colors and textures, the paintings are usually non-realistic. Plus, the artists use no special effects to bring the art closer to life. In this art form, the artists paint a picture of stunning nature as what they perceive it to be.

•Impressionistic Art
Impressionistic art is a form of landscape art that focuses on the creation of realistic art with the use of bright colors. In such paintings, the artists employ several techniques to create different lighting patterns and focus on soft focus. This type of painting will be as close to reality as it can be.

•Abstract Art
Such paintings will not relate to reality exactly. The scenery may be in the background while there is the main object like a tree or its shadow in the focus. Also, the shapes and objects may not be definite in abstract landscape paintings.

Landscape art began in the early 16th century and is evolving ever since. Back in the day, the paintings had a religious meaning but the scenarios changed slowly. After the evolution of art, the basics of landscape art remain the same.

For instance, the width of the painting is always more than its height so it is more of a horizontal concept. Fast forward to today, the artists can freely demonstrate their versions of nature without any restrictions. Check out the paintings in the Divine art gallery to fill your space with stunning pieces of art.

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