Oil Painting

Tracking the origin of oil painting in the artistic world is a tricky task. Mixing oils in paints was a thing long before oil paints became an independent medium. The earliest traces of oil paintings date back to the 11th century. In the 15th century, these paintings started gaining momentum rapidly. Unlike acrylic paints, oil paints dry by oxidation which means that the paint gradually transforms from liquid to gel form before finally becoming thick.

Oil paints consist of pigment, binder and thinner. In this mixture, the color element is pigment and the binder or the oil is the carrier that holds the pigment on canvas. Also, the thinner adds to the mixture of oil as well as the binder.

The styles and techniques of oil painting evolved over the centuries. After 600 years of development of oil painting, it is still one of the most popular art forms. People from across the globe admire the beauty of oil paintings. They add a rich look to the interior of the house.

Oil paintings are versatile and they complement the interiors of the house or office quite well. Explore Divine Art to see some wonderful oil paintings from renowned artists.

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