Modern Art
Modern art is a movement that completely transforms the values and styles that were known before this era. During this time, society was going through several cultural, societal as well as political changes which are clearly visible in these artworks. It is the response of the artists to technological advances, the early stages of modern life, and the transformation of aesthetics during this time. From the 1860s to the 1970s, modern art was at its peak and got a lot of attention. Divine art is an online platform that allows you to shop for this art from the comfort of your home.

Characteristics of Modern Art
Modern art comprises several styles and techniques. However, there are some main objectives behind this movement. Dada, Surrealism, pop art and expressionism are some popular movements of this art. Moreover, modern art solely focuses on individuality and not on the impacts on society.

One of the main objects of this art is to dismiss the traditional notions of what art was known for primarily. Apart from emphasizing abstraction and experimentation, this art form establishes rational descriptions. The modern era was all about rejecting the conventional values that were prevailing for a long time.
What makes modern art different from other art forms is that this era made people believe that art matters and had real value. Collage art, land art, performance art, and photography were some art forms that came into existence during this time.
In this era, several new techniques were beginning to emerge. Neo impressionism, synthetism, and kinetic art are some methods that are a part of Modern art. Not only this but the use of colors in an expressive manner was the highlight of art.
Until the 19th century, art had certain rules and regulations. Artists were not entirely free to express their views and ideas. There were strict standards and traditional values that built a wall of restriction for the artists. However, this art was a revolution and things began to change ever since.
It challenges the very basic definition of art. From paintings of the wealthy, historical figures, and heroes to paintings of the common man, this art movement was behind it all. Divine art gallery enables you to explore your art choices in all directions. Look through several paintings to see which one grabs your attention the most.

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