Bhuwal Prasad

Bhuwal Prasad was born on 1987 in Azamgarh, District of Uttar Pradesh, India. He did B.F.A. from B.H.U. in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and M.F.A from College of Art in Delhi.  In his drawings and paintings, he used a lot of broken lines and bright colors, so that he can create a new and different identity of mine. It makes him feel that his work is separated and unique from others. During B.F.A. and M.F.A. he read a lot of books on Indus Valley Civilization, Indian Prehistoric Rock Art, Nazca Line in Peru, Mesopotamia Scrolls and Art, Egyptian Art, Indian Civilization and Murals, and realized that the broken line, the scattered colors, face and figure of human, faces and figures of birds and animals, demon’s face and figure etc, are closely related to his work. He perceived that his ancestors who belonged to tribal areas also used this form of art. On seeing his painting from a distance, people will realize a lot of feelings like happy, sad, feeling of grief, fear, casts and uplifting concerns. In form of art he used texture, flat and bold color as an artistic style. I used canvas, paper, acrylic paint, oil paint, charcoal, ink etc too.

There is a lot of innocence in his paintings. They are not guided or registered by the careful division of space or the thoughtful application of colors. The pictorial surface that he consider to be in his cave wall, he tried to play with line and color with pleasure and paint the figure that appears on those walls. It is, to some extent, automatic, not mediated by the intellect but driven by the pleasure emanating from thoughts. However, on a deeper level, a contemporary around me, this reflection on materialism, anarchy, tribes, their art, heard stories and assimilation stories, comes out of his innate desire to find happiness in whatever he portrays. Therefore, these creatures do not look like sinister characters that can scare people. On the contrary, they invite the logo to stand and stare, although his picture uncontrolled reflections of the heart that delight the logo.