Chetan Katigar

Chetan Katigar born in Hubli, Karnataka, he completed Bachelor’ in fine art in private institute of art, Surat, 2009. Then Katigar worked as freelance artist; He experiments in genre of Traditional Contemporary art and highly inspired by paintings of Raja Ravi Varma. His paintings regard to Malayalam people of 17th century and reveal their culture and livelihood. The paintings, which depict mythological Hindu deities, mythological characters, tribal life, sometime European style and themes from everyday life.

He always enjoy while work, most important thing, before starting the painting creates the predict for same “How will aspect after complete” so that achieve expected result. As for his technique, Katigar uses bold, sweeping brushstrokes while painting and restricted his palette to seven vibrant and earthy colours – Indian red, yellow ochre, cadmium green, vermillion, grey, blue and white. “ Painting is not only painted canvas, it’s being filled spirit of artist “ says Chetan katigar.