Abstract Paintings
Abstract Painting breaks the traditional idea of drawing a visual reality. This art form is non-objective and non-representational which can be far from real life. There are no boundaries between fantasy and reality when it comes to abstract art. Abstract artists use texture, lines, colors, and shapes to represent compositions that may or may not have reference to the real world.

Moreover, the beauty of abstract art is that artists can freely express themselves without any restraints. Abstract art can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional, big or small and artists can create it using any material. Divine Art offers a wide range of abstract Paintings from all around the globe.

Types of Abstract Art
Historians believe that abstract art has been prevailing for more than a hundred years. Cave paintings are a popular example of early abstract art. Since then, the art form has evolved and now has several forms.

Informal Abstractionism
In this art type, artists express shapes and colors freely. Without any memory of the outside world, the artist can draw with lines or different hues to depict his inner feelings. Although there are no rules to this art, it still turns out to be in sync and harmonious.

Tachisme literally means stains and the art form is quite spontaneous. The artist can use spotting and splashing techniques to create Tachisme abstract art. Plus, the colors that the artist uses shows the emotions that he wants to portray. For instance, light colors are for peace whereas dark colors depict the passion and deep feelings.

Geometric Abstraction
This is a rather rational approach to an abstract art form. As the name suggests itself, the use of geometric shapes is prominent in such paintings. Geometric abstraction started emerging after the introduction of cubism. All the lines and colors sync with each other to create a geometric configuration.

Action Painting
Also known as drip paintings, these too are quite spontaneous. Artists place the canvas on a surface and pour paint colors on it with a brush or stick creating random movements.

Abstract artworks invoke feelings in the viewer without depicting any object that links with the real world. You will not find many recognizable objects in such paintings. Every individual can discover different meanings from abstract paintings. Explore Divine Art and browse through some stunning artworks from famous artists. Redo your house or office by adding abstract paintings to create a unique vibe.

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