Acrylic painting
Acrylic painting is fairly new to the art world if we compare it to other forms of art. Otto Rohm is behind the discovery of acrylic paints and these paints date back to 1934. Originally, his invention was of acrylic resins which later transformed into acrylic paint. Quickly after the discovery, acrylic paintings began to become extremely popular and were all over the place. Moreover, the many advantages of acrylic paint made it even more famous among artists.

Back in the day, these paintings gained recognition for having artistic boundaries. The reason behind this was that the paint dried rapidly before the artists could blend it properly. However, this problem is not visible in the new age acrylic paintings.

Artists discovered how this type of paint works on all mediums and not just a canvas. Gradually, the possibilities of acrylic paintings started to widen and more artists opted for these paints. Along with softening the watercolors by still restoring the sharpness of oils, this new acrylic painting style became widely famous.

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