Rahul Mhetre

Born 1974, My style is very near to Indian style of painting. Simplicity achieved in line work and flat color tones normally found in Indian style have impressed me. Hence they find a prominent place in my work. The themes of my work are based on contemporary and modern style and their artistic amalgamation color tones are also suitable to thematic peculiarities. Hence the line work, composition and Art color tones synonymous to Indian style of artwork to suit the changes as per the times find a prominent place in my work to suit the thematic and special features. 

I had my school education and basic art course at Solapur. I was more interested in studying fine arts vis-à-vis other subjects even from my childhood. As a result, my progress in fine arts in School was much better than that in other subjects. Also, I had an ambition to study fine arts at a reputed art college outside. But I was not sure about such permission from my father. However, my joy knew no bounds when I was lucky to get such permission from my father who gladly sent me to study fine arts at Abhinav Kalamahavidyalay, Pune. It was almost a dream getting fulfilled as per my aim in life. My stay at Abhinav Kalamahavidyalay, Pune was full of total dedication and concentration towards the study of nuances of fine arts. Abhinav Kalamahavidyalay, Pune is a moderate well equipped art institute having a completely educative and culturally conducive environment. It has a wide collection of many informative books, journals and periodicals in the library that cover both Indian and Western arts and their numerous subtle nuances. The teachers in the college are sincere and dedicated and often take pains to help students by solving their problems & difficulties and teaching them very sincerely. We used to talk with other senior students and often interact with them and discuss with our class-mates about our area of improvements in arts. Occasionally, we used to go to Shivaji Maratha hostel nearby to meet other students and seek their help/guidance for solving our problems. We used to concentrate on sketching and practicing them regularly in order to develop our skills and techniques.I was more interested in pursuing my liking in Indian arts and its numerous subtle nuances. My focus in those days used to be on developing the technique to perfect the skills for Indian arts presentation in bold lines and typical flat color application via the desired textural finesses and so on.  I was not interested in working in a private company after completing my art education there. Hence I did not attend any such interviews conducted by the interested animation companies at our college campus. Also, I did not join the newly started animation school there as my interest was in pursuing a career in fine arts. After completing the course at Abhinav Kalamahavidyalay, Pune, I completed an advanced course leading to dip. In fine art education which enriched my vision and artistic instincts. I decided to start my art journey as an artist by incorporating both the salient features viz. flat colour application using the desired texture and bold lines in my works. I experimented with some techniques and mediums and prepared my artworks using vivid iconic metaphors, good color and the expected visual glory of sensitive emotional mindscapes in apt arenas and perspectives showing the desired visual effects leading to glory and picturesqueness. I prepared and presented many artworks on various subjects and themes showing seasonal flowers, their aromas and relevance in life and sentimental mindscapes of young sensitive human minds.  My focus was mostly on revealing the indelible impacts of these iconic metaphors and idioms on sensitive human minds in apt environments and perspectives. I have practised such skilful techniques leading to deep emotional attachment arising out of romantic feelings in minds & conversational interaction of sensitive minds. So, the resulting emotional attachment, freedom and sentimental affinities leading to harmony of good emotional compatibilities for happy and contented lives etc. find a prominent place in my work. I have also endeavoured to artistically adorn my creations with the hues of freedom of mind and expressive perceptions for numerous sensitive characters in my work via generation of positive energy and happy sentiments at strategic arenas. I always do my best to adorn my creative endeavours via apt iconic motifs and hues of positivity and optimism in life using my skilful technique and artistic expressions. I have prepared and presented several artworks so far in typical Indian realistic style and took part in several solo and group art exhibitions in leading art galleries at Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. I also participated in annual painting exhibitions organised by reputed art promotional institutions such as The Bombay Art Society, Art Society of India, Maharashtra State Govt. Art Exhibitions organised by directorate of Arts etc.  Also, I showcased my paintings based on numerous themes in reputed art galleries like Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai and many more.  I was fortunate to receive overwhelming public response and appreciations for my presentations so far as well as many invaluable suggestions for future development of skills and techniques.  I have a rational outlook and positive state of mind and a scientific analytical sensitive instinct.  I am open to all such suggestions and appreciations and often try to incorporate some of them that are worthy and useful in my subsequent endeavours. I look forward to making newer artwork using such metaphors and iconic motifs in my creative pursuits whereby I intend to reach several potential lovers and appreciators of arts alongwith art collectors, patrons and connoisseurs of visual arts in the present art scenario. I also intend to reach global heights and standards via thematic artworks in my style and techniques which will surely appeal to all irrespective of various classes of society and their vivid cultural vignettes in the apt perspectives of visual arts.